Tuesday, June 10, 2014


On Sunday, I was a tiny part of the 5th Phase of the massive cleanup drive, The Chennai Coastal Cleanup 5. That’s when I realized that the biggest bio-hazard on earth is the human race. Marina Beach is the world’s second largest beach. We feel so proud hearing these words, but how does it feel to have these beaches completely filthy?
That’s how I felt when I was ready with my gloves and bag in my hands. I and 6500 other volunteers were all set for today’s cleanup. I was a part of the group cleaning up the Ashtalakshmi stretch of our beloved Bessy Beach. A beautiful temple on the sea shore is what we picture. But just look a bit down and you find plastic bags, bottles and fishing nets. Brush aside the sand a little more and you can find the little treasures we have left for our future generations – Plastic spoons, Paper dishes, Rubber balloons, Thermo cols, Bottle caps, Oh! The list goes on and on. Public started coming and sat around watching the day begin at the beach and I found them strangely staring at us. That’s when I felt reassured to what I have always thought –
We all are literate but not educated. The ability to read and write is just not enough if you can’t put your knowledge to a good use.
In the school days we all have studied a compulsory subject called the Environmental Studies. Am sure all of us would have found it to be the easiest to pass. But the question is what have we learnt? People have happily made the sea a dump yard. We are the creators of our own doom. We have not discovered enough cures to the number of diseases we created on the name of upgrading the lifestyle.
With all these revolutionary thoughts I filled three big bags of garbage and went to the dumping point. We all were finally able to clear 50 tons of garbage in those few hours. Well this is not a matter of pride but shame. Just imagine if we were able to collect this much rubbish in those few hours, how much is still lying there. God knows how much debris is still left behind.
What we have done is a very small part. It’s high time we mend the damages we have done or else nature has its own way of clearing the environment in a jiffy. People who believe and worship god should start respecting the nature, which is God. God is here there everywhere right? So all better show some respect and stop offering dirt and filth to the sea. It is time we co-exist with the nature.

This is not an event. This is how beaches should always be – CLEAN!!!!

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