Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rare Shades of the Evening Sky

This evening I happened to witness the beautiful strokes of some rare colors. There was a patch of fluorescent green and violet in the twilight sky. Call it art, call it science or call it miracles it is spread all around the world and every moment something completely delightful keeps happening around us. But in the midst of the entire conundrum we are missing some precious moments called marvels in our life. In the golden hour I witnessed the magical and colorful sky in the city of Chennai. I was amazed and awestruck with the magical shades of green and violet.

If I talk in scientific terms, it is the reflection of sun rays at the sunset. But these colors are of rare occurrence in the equator. Kept looking for the angle of reflection and refraction but there are something which the human being still can’t imitate.

If I talk art, the colors blended in such a smooth fashion that even artists would just stop and admire the sheer beauty of the magnum opus of the almighty.

Nature is full of mysteries and miracles. And the ease with which things occur and co-exist in nature is a mystery and miracle in itself. No words can ever do justice to this master piece which we call the Earth.

For instance, we admire the beauty and strength of the huge rivers and waterfalls. Ever wondered where they originate from? How does water reach that height? Is the mountain high at some place than others? No human can ever be able to replicate any of this enchantment.

“There is a thin line of difference between fantasy and reality.
 All depends upon what you believe.”

If one wants to enjoy nature in HD then he simply needs to embark on his own journey. Nobody can own or possess the nature. We all need to just simply exist with it in our own space and time. Only then can this everlasting beauty can be enjoyed peacefully. I must say I enjoyed my HD nature moment today. Such little moments brightens up the life every day. Just keep looking.

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